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Warum DVT?

Warum DVT?

Unfortunately, hear and read about violence in the news every day. We all hope, that we will never be a victim of violent acts, but do we have a guarantee? Often interpersonal violence is directed against peaceful or even weaker people. Mostly, people are concerned, who never expected something like that.

Dynamic VingTshun (DVT) offers security!
With the help of DVT you will be able shortly to protect yourself and others. The awareness “I can protect myself will change your self-confidence and radiate it.

Self-sefence without compromises!
To defend yourself properly means for us to have the ability to effectuate the enemy’s disability of offence. Physical strength, supernatural flexibility or artistic skills are then irrelevant.

No Coincidences!
Dynamic VingTshun is a logically elaborated style to fight, where nothing is left to chance. Thus, there is no unclear multiplicity of techniques but “four principles” and “four power-rules” which are retrieved in all uses.

DVT neither consists of agreed combinations nor does it rely on rehearsed/studied motion sequences.
DVT adjusts to the enemy. Every defence is as individual as the offence.
DVT is a modern style adjusted to reality! Solely used are techniques which work in real arguments.
DVT makes you defendable shortly. The students learn to react extremely fast, to adjust to the enemy, to defend against every kind of punches and kicks and to give the most appropriate reaction to the offence.
DVT is a concept that can be adjusted individually without departure from its principles! The techniques of DVT are conceived in a way that they can be put into action by everyone, no matter whether someone is tall, small, weak, strong, talented or less talented.

DVT is for everyone!

Dynamic VingTshun is suitable for young and old, girls and boys, women and men. In a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the students are being trained in a tutorial of expert DVT-instructors. The training-concept is divided into different themes. The technic-sections which build up on each other can be learned simply and intuitionally

Courses for Police, Judiciary and Security-Services.
During the last decades our martial arts obtained immense acceptance in occupational groups like police, judiciary and security-services of free enterprise. DVT offers special-seminars for persons of these occupational groups regularly. Units of the country and the federation nedd not to be a member of the IDVTA – in this case, instruction takes place in special courses

If you are interested in a special course, please contact us >>

In situations of high danger, your friend could run away leaving you at your own destiny. DVT will not. It will become a part of you, thus, a protective companion.