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Training in Groups

The regular Dynamic VingTshun-Training in groups is offered in consecutive classes in individual methods of instruction.

Women and men of all ages practise in a relaxed atmosphere accordant to their gradation under the instruction of Sifu Tassos and/or his instructors.

You can expect an individual and holistic training concept in which aspects of self-defence and health as well as general fitness are regarded.

An access is possible at any time.

The student gets a good insight into the DVT-martial arts-style by training at no charge.

The DVT-training is not meant to go for broke or to establish new records.

It is a lot of fun and makes effectively defendable in a little while. You will become fit, relaxed and self-confident.

Groups for women

In our society women and girls have to assert more and more than some decades ago.

That ranges from situation in the everyday life to situations of protection against physical attacks.

These circumstances have got a new significance.

So, Dynamic VingTshun (DVT) is the right way for women and girls to learn in a little while how to defend.

By the presently guaranteed feeling of success in the training a stable self-assurance will be developed which affects situations of the everyday-life that need not have to do with physical attacks.

Privat Tutoring

If you want to make fast progress or if you want to catch up things you have failed you can obtain private tutoring with Sifu Tassos.

Even for people with less time or who live in a remote residence it makes sense to use the one-to-one lessons. The class can be the whole day and takes place upon consultation.

Small Groups

The training in small groups is for those who want to practise more, beside the “normal” times of tutoring. If a small group is founded individual appointments can be arranged with Sifu Tassos. The training is very intensely and can be used for certain subject areas, such as weapon-fight.

Special seminars for security services

These special seminars are related to people that working in various security services such as police, army, security etc.

The training in these seminars is tailored to the needs of each department to provide security coverage as immobilization or neutralize armed opponents.

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DVT Weapon Fight

The DVT Weapon Fight is based on original techniques of VingTshun These techniques can be effected either with or without weapons.

Normally, the techniques are of Biu Tze
(3. Form). Sticks, Tonfa, knives and other items can be used as weapons.

First and foremost, the dealing with weapons serves student grades for gaining experiences and declining anxities.

“Only one who knows about the use of the weapons, can stay cool in such an attack.”

For higher DVT grades Dai-Sifu Tassos teaches traditional weapon fight with the use of Longstick and Doubleknive techniques.