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Beruf DVT-Lehrer

Beruf DVT-Lehrer

In the DVT martial arts academies you can pass a full training for becoming a teacher of DynamicVingTshun. With experiences in training, fighting and, above all, teaching, the possibility of establishing an own DVT school exist, even during the time of learning.

In the case of candidacy, the decision on the inclusion is left to the founder and chief instructor of the IDVTA, Sifu Tassos.

Even an experienced student grade (SG) or technician (TG) wishes to teach the learned, the decision on approval is left to Sifu Tassos. Techniques and their applications can be learned shortly or long-dated, but the personal character and the pedagogic skills are being imparted and developed in the early years of childhood and socialisation.

Now, it can be mentioned, that the leraning of martial arts mostly has a positive “educational side effect”, but it does not stand in the foreground. Especially in the “process of self-discovery” in the youth, the learning of a respectful contact to other people is of major importance. In addition to that, we have to act in our society in a way, that we are shown respect, too. In this context, “respect” should not be mixed up with “fear”.

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