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Der Verband IDVTA | IDVTAInternational Dynamic VingTshun Association

Der Verband IDVTA

Der Verband IDVTA

The International Dynamic VingTshun Association (IDVTA) exists since April 2002 as the umbrella association of all DVT-Schools worldwide. It is responsible for the management of all members, for the approval of exams and for the guarantee of quality.

The founder and chief-instructor of the IDVTA is Dai-Sifu Anastasios Panagiotopoulos. It was him who developed Dynamic Ving Tshun. The programs are being optimised and refined constantly.

The Chief-Instructor about the Establishment of the IDVTA:

After 20 years of Leung Ting WingTsun and the membership in the EWTO I resigned from the WT umbrella association as chief-instructor of Greece with the 6th master-degree (Practicion).

I gained experience in over 20 years of being a full-time martials-arts instructor. My DVT-implementations of the present day originate in these experiences and the tough reality.

In order to impart my knowledge to other people, even after quitting the EWTO, I established a new international association of martial-arts in April 2002 – the IDVTA (International Dynamic Ving Tshun Association). With the setting up of the IDVTA I presented my further developed, very effective concept of DVT. It contains new dynamic and explosive programs.

Sifu Anastasios Panagiotopoulos