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Yim VingTshun (Schöner Frühling)


動 態 咏 春 

Dynamic VingTshun


In many centuries of the developement of our martial art several stories and deliverances about its’ origin rose. The most popular stories are provided here.

The origins of DVT are rooted in China about 250 years ago. At this time, China was permantently at Trespasses on refugees, especially women, were daily routine.

The Shaolin nun „Ng Mui“ developed this martial art and named it after her first student Yim VingTshun (beautiful spring).

Yim VingTshun was hassled by notorious puncher In order to help the girl, the nun decided to train her the new martial art. Finally, the girl could defeat the torturer. The knowledge about the martial art was carefully minded. It was only passed on family members or closest friends. In the time of World War 2 the situation became unsufferable for the Chinese people and the flew to Hongkong.

Among the refugees was legendary grand master Yip Man. In order to earn his living, he tought VingTshun.


Bild: Bruce Lee / Grandmaster Yip Man

One of his students was Bruce Lee, who became famous through several Kung-Fu movies. His last student was GGM Leung Ting, todays world chief instructor.

With the help of GGM K. R. Kernspecht, this martial art entered Germany in the early 70s and was spread as WingTsun (WT). Also Sifu Tassos was a student of GGM K. R. Kernspecht for over 20 years.

Auch Sifu Tassos war über 20 Jahre Schüler von GGM K. R. Kernspecht.

Why so many Different Spellings of Wing Chun, Ving Chun, Wing Tsun Ving Tsun und Ving Tshun?

Bild: Links GM Keith. R. Kernspecht, GM Leung Ting, Sifu Tassos

After the death of GGM Yip Man some of his students began to teach.

Because of the reason that everyone had another interpretation of the learned and on order to differ from each other, different european spelling arose.

Sifu Tassos consciously choose the name Dynamic VingTshun in order to avoid any possibility of confusion with other “styles” and, of course, to reinforce the unique “dynamic” of his DVT programs.


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