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DVT Keeps Fit and Prepares You for Your Everyday Life!
With Dynamic VingTshun you learn to defend yourself and stimulates your health at the same time. DVT is natural training for all movements, to encourage the flexibility, relaxation and your common well-being.

With the help of the intensive training of feeling, called Chi-Sao, the reflexes and the sense of balance will be developed.

DVT is a smooth style!
Ductile and functional movements train the spirit and the motor functions of your body. Smooth accommodations combined with dynamic movements train your flexibility, power, reactivity and quickness.

These smooth movements set energies free which can help to heal diseases or even prevent them. By the nature of these movements different muscle sections are being invigorated and others massaged..

With the help of DVT the student will get a feeling of souvereign serenity in situations of attack – physically as well as psychologically. By and by the student will work out to convert the serenity into his daily life.

The straight stand relieves the hip, back and therefore strengthens the femur muscles. Verifiable present stance mistakes and correlated damages in the movements can be corrected gradually and mildly.

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