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Hauptmann F. - Nahkampfausbildung | IDVTAInternational Dynamic VingTshun Association

Hauptmann F. – Nahkampfausbildung

Hauptmann F. – Nahkampfausbildung

Training for close battle with Dai-sifu Tasos!

Dai-Sifu Tassos accepted the invitation of the German army and taking with him three trainers did a special training program for close combat to a paratroopers unit, from 17.03.-19.03.09 

The training program was specifically tailored for the needs of combat soldiers to gain confidence and ability to be able to move and survive, when they take part in missions.

Photo: An exploding movement by Sifu Tassos and the gun is blocked.

For this reason, in armed forces and especially in special-forces, combat training is becoming increasingly important.

Photograph: Dai-Sifu Tassos demonstrates how quickly can someone put an opponent off battle, when being under a threat.

Especially in urban areas, it is easy to find yourself in situations where the threat is in surprisingly short distance. Dai Sifu Tassos impressively demonstrates how effective may be the techniques of DVT.

Even in the short time that lasted the training, our progress caused surprise and excitement.

Already within these three days our confidence to deal with the risks of close distance battle increased.

Many of the participants, that they were based only on their power, recognized the effectiveness of the DVT techniques, in close battle.

Certainly is not the last seminar held by Dai Sifu Tassos. We will continue the cooperation with the IDVTA, to train special-forces troops.

Talking for all the participants, I am grateful for the support of Dai-Sifu Tassos and the trainers he brought with him.

We hope to see you soon!

Hauptmann F.