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DVT Basic Principles & Aims | IDVTAInternational Dynamic VingTshun Association

DVT Basic Principles & Aims

DVT Basic Principles & Aims

DVT Basic Principles & Rules of the Power

1. If the way is free hit!
2. If the way is not free, get in touch!
3. If the opponent is stronger, withdraw!
4. If the opponent withdraws, follow!

1. Release yourself from your own strength!
2. Free yourself from the force of the opponent!
3. Use the power of the opponent against him!
4. Add your power to the force that your opponent applies!

Learn more about the DVT Basic Principles & the Rules of the Power
„The Meaning of the «DVT Basic Principles» and the «Rules of the Power»“.

Self-Defence Quick and Easy…
In regard to Dynamic VingTshun, most of the people want learn quickly how they can defend themselves most effectively. However, everyone who grappled with martial arts for a while will explore other territories. You can find further personal characteristics, you did not even knew about.

Find Out, What You Are Capable Of…
The DVT-training schools our reflexes and long forgotten instincs. Several of our human abilities have disappeared into the underground in the process of socialisation and cultivation, but many of them were essential to survive. We refer to genetic dispositions to instincts of escape, attack and survival.

What Changed…
If you have occupied with the origin of Dynamic VingTshun, you might have noticed that other martial arts assocciations exist, who teach a differtent interpretation of this martial art and that they use another name.

Dynamic VingTshun (DVT) is a thorough further developement of WingTsun, which has „entered“ Europe by
GGM Leung Ting and GM Keith R. Kernsprecht in the 70s. Sifu Tassos was a direkt student of GM Kernspecht for over 20 years.

DVT contains new dynamic and explosive programs. From the beginning on and without detours, the students learnn to defend themselves effectively and very fast. Furthermore, the amount of techniques for the beginners are not very complex but are being framed by a concise and building up concept. The concept is meant to be applied intuitively in situations of fear and stress. The programs are learned and combined step by step.

Don´t be afraid of going forward slowly, fear only to pull up.
(a chinese proverb)

Only the One Who Is Poised to Change Himself Can Improve Himself…
In order to construct the DVT-programs simplier and more effective, they are being developed and optimised consistently by Dai-Sifu Tassos.