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Dynamic Ving Tshun is a style of martial arts that developed for use in real situations and purely for reasons of self-defense and protect. Nowadays when someone talks about martial arts immediately is being directed to a «game» or a «sport» with specific «rules».

In a real fight situation where you will have to defend yourself, you will see that none of these «rules» is valid. A glance at the news is enough to scare someone with how mercilessly and brutal can be a real attack. In street fighting there is only one rule: «There are no rules». And there ‘s where DVT differs from the other martial arts.

How does Dynamic Ving Tshun work?

The sophisticated technique of DVT works properly only if our every action is governed by the basic principles of the system. There are four basic principles and four rules of the use of the power that characterize our every movement.

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