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  • DVT-especially for women is suitable.

    Learn to defend yourself!

    Dynamic VingTshun!

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    Learn to defend yourself!

    Dynamic VingTshun!

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    Dynamic VingTshun!


(Deutsch) Herbstlehrgang 2018

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(Deutsch) Aus aktuellem Anlass ein wichtiger Hinweis:

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(Deutsch) DVT-Lehrgang in Braunschweig

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Information about dynamic VingTshun.

Read why more and more people decide to learn DVT and trust it >>

Articles about army special forces

In particular, it was in a unit of « mission-paratroopers», of special-forces of the army.

Roland Buhl – history

Sometime everybody will find his (Grand-)master. My detour to Dynamic Ving Thsun with SIFU TASSOS ! Short story of my martial arts career: In the 70s I grew up with the movies of Bruce Lee and so as in many young people of that

What is DVT?

Dynamic Ving Tshun is a style of martial arts that developed for use in real situations and purely for reasons of self-defense and protect. Nowadays when someone talks about martial arts immediately is being directed to a «game» or a «sport» with specific-

Why DVT?

Unfortunately, hear and read about violence in the news every day. We all hope, that we will never be a victim of violent acts, but do we have a guarantee?

Self defense

Learn to defend yourself!

(Deutsch) Unterricht…

Der reguläre Dynamic VingTshun-Gruppenunterricht wird in fortlaufenden Klassen in Individual- Unterrichtsform angeboten. In entspannter Atmosphäre trainieren Frauen und Männer jeden Alters entsprechend seiner/ihrer Graduierung und unter Anleitung von Sifu Tassos.

(Deutsch) Beruf: DVT-Lehrer…

In den DVT-Kampfkunstakademien können Sie eine vollwertige Ausbildung zum Lehrer des Dynamic VingTshun absolvieren. Mit entsprechender Trainings-, Kampf- und vor allem Unterrichtserfahrung besteht auch schon während der Ausbildungszeit die Möglichkeit eine eigene DVT-Schule -

Eutingen im Gäu

At regular intervals several training courses of specialisation and examination take place. All these courses are directed by Dai-Sifu Tassos personally. Being an IDVTA-member you are allowed to take part in every course, no matter in which country it takes place.