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Roland Buhl – history

Roland Buhl – history

Sometime everybody will find his (Grand-)master. My detour to Dynamic Ving  Thsun  with SIFU TASSOS !
Short story of my martial arts career:

In the 70s I grew up with the movies of Bruce Lee and so as in many young people of that time, the desire to fight and move as he did, grew in me. My way, however, first led me into a club where I could learn Judo (The gentle way). Karate and especially Kung Fu were not very common in the 70s and early 80s.I practiced Judo up to the orange belt (about 2 years) and I found it quite well. It was important for me that I learned combat techniques. Later, at the age of 16, when I was able to pay the monthly contribution from my own pocket, I started with Karate Do( way of the empty hand ), which I practiced a total of 30 years (until the 3rd Dan). In the first years we participated in competitions. With the men’s team, we had the opportunity to fight for one year in the BundesligaWhat we reject because we all had a job and the effort for training and travelling was too big.

In the meantime I tried Aikido ( The way of harmonic energy )for 1 year.
Now I had known the most popular Japanese martial arts and I found all the great, but I also lacked in all these arts (sports!) Something and I also knew what …
I had already read about Wing Tsun in the 80s when I started with Karate and also watched the videos of the Budo Galas, Wing Tsun fascinated me because it was lightning fast, uncompromising and direct and without «spectacular» gymnastics Kicks to the head.

This was pure self-defense without unnecessary or even self-injurious movements.
And it fascinated me to see that it was presented with closed eyes. How is that possible ??
At that time, training with Keith R. Kernspecht was just too expensive and there wasn´t exist a Wing Tsun school in the near.
So I continued to train Karate and lost the Wing Tsun but never completely out of sight and out of mind. Maybe one far day…

And the day came when our dojo was closed and our coach «age-conditioned» stopped teaching karate.
I was at the time in a process of searching for self-defense in Karate, which sounds a bit odd but actually so.

The longer you train karate, the more you realize that here the self-defense aspects were lost and fell victim to the sport karate over the years.
So I recalled Wing Tsun and thought it was time to finally learn (at the age of 47 years) what I always wanted. So I went around searching for Wing Tsun schools and also found some
I did some pro-trainings and thanks to the Internet, I inquired about the teachers and «grandmasters» of the schools.

It occurred to me that SIFU TASSOS, whose budo gala performances I had seen in the 80s, were actually taught at my doorstep. Here in Rohrdorf! What a stroke of luck.
The decision had already been made and I have already felt the difference to the other schools during the pro-training. Here at SIFU TASSOS I am right!

He has made Wing Tsun famous and popular in Germany and Europe
Later, he refined it and improved it in many places and established his own association the IDVTA (International Dynamic Ving Tshun Association).

He is one of the world’s most experienced and technically best grand masters of the Wing Tsun. There is no doubt about that.
And, unlike many other theorists, he has demonstrated his techniques in many real struggles.
I am proud and grateful to be a direct student of SIFU TASSOS today.

Roland Buhl
3.Dan Shotokan Karate
2. SG Dynamic Ving Tshun